4 crucial tips to be successful in a solution architect role and have rewarding experiences

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash
  1. Develop awareness of standard solutions to common and recurring problems by reading and reviewing multiple reference architectures. And these reference architectures can be found on every cloud vendor websites, technology companies’ blogs, and technology websites, here is an important thing don’t look at only technology that you know, as an example, if you are good at AWS look at GCP/Azure this will help you to have rounded experience.
  2. Learnability is an important skill to develop, as a solution architect you will see many technology challenges on day to day you won’t have time to learn everything, technology will always be changing and there will be new things to learn. Take the course Learning to “Learning course from Coursera”, read books on learning, develop few habits of your own for learning.
  3. Develop soft skills that include, communication, writing, influencing, and persuasion skills. Some suggested books, Influence the Psychology of persuasion, pre-suasion: A revolutionary way to influence and persuade both by Robert Cialdini, Communication Skills Training by IA Tuhovsky, Never split the difference by Chirs Voss, Crucial Conversations by Kerry Pat). These skills are going to help you in a long way in your professional and personal life.
  4. Develop ‘Π’ shaped skills As we gain experience we develop ‘T’ shaped skills, deep expertise in one primary skill or core experience, and breadth of other skills, but this is not going to be enough. Master at the secondary skill, for instance, if you are good at data analytics, understand Application development, and vice versa, deep expertise in an additional skill set is going to be an edge factor for you.

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